How To Delete A Steam Account

If you no longer wish to play digital games, you can simply uninstall your steam account and free up the acquired space of your gadget. The steam library is a repository of hundreds of games that you can play during your leisure. Once you have made up your mind to delete the steam account, you can also consider a few alternative aspects of the same.

Try removing certain games

Right before you think of canceling your steam account permanently, aim for deletion of certain games that you dislike. Refer to the same gallery and right click on the game that you play no longer. Choose uninstall option and delete the game right away. You can always download the deleted game without paying a single penny for it in future.

Deleting steam account from your PC

Never delete your steam account if you think that it may be required in near future again. You can simply uninstall steam account on your computer instead of deleting it. Taking a break is much necessary for every human being. The way you delete your steam account totally depends on the operating system you have. In case of Windows operating system, simply hit start option and move on to control panel of your computer. Choose the option that says add or remove program and click upon him to uninstall the program. Select the option automatically when it says how would you like to initiate the uninstallation. hit next and then finish.

Deleting steam account from your Mac computer is slightly complicated but manageable. Delete the steam application and hit upon finding the application located on the bottom of the menu bar. Select applications option and right click upon steam app icon. Hit the option that he is moved to trash and visit the library folder there by clicking magnifying glass located in the top right-hand corner of the screen. Use the library item from that and double-click the application support folder within the library. move the steam application to the trash. Uninstallation process is executed once you initiate the mentioned process step by step.

How to delete a steam account?

If you are ready to quit steam account forever, it’s time to empower yourself and part away from the featured tool with just a few simple steps. You can cancel the account additions request within 30 days in case you change your mind.

  • Visit
  • Log in to your account by checking out support link located in the top menu of the screen.
  • Check out accounts issues and gets the option that says manage account details.
  • Move down to the account page
  • Choose delete option for deleting your steam account.
  • Move towards account deletion and you will be able to receive the refund for the purchases that have been made by you so far.

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If you really think that gameplay is not your cup of tea anymore, you are free to delete the steam account. You can simply request the steam support to delete your account by providing the proof of your ownership. Deletion of account is permanent and whatever information has been linked with the same shall be removed permanently. You will not be able to recover anything once your deletion request has been approved.

Users have to send the prior request in order to receive refunds for the purchases made. Once your account has been deleted, you cannot apply for any refund as such.

You can never use the same steam account in case you install the application ever again in the future. Profile name, purchase method and email address can be used on different accounts but not the same username.

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