How To Cancel Twitch Prime Subscription

What is twitch Prime?

Being a part of Amazon Prime, twitch Prime allows you to enjoy exclusive game contain and video membership. The subscription service provides a million of benefits. You can shop for music and videos through it.

Twitch Prime was acquired by Amazon on 2014. The services of twitch Prime are restricted to the streaming content. You need to be a subscriber of Amazon Prime in order to access twitch Prime services. Switch over to the twitch Prime without paying any extra charge to enjoy the seamless benefits.

Benefits of twitch Prime:

  • Ad-free content
  • Free of cost with support for 30 days
  • Free game content
  • Exclusive savings on physical game contents available on Amazon
  • Consolidated chat options
  • Better emoticons
  • Free games

Q: Are Amazon and twitch Prime different?

Not really, you can subscribe for twitch Prime only if you are a member of Amazon Prime. Once you switch over to twitch Prime membership, your predictions for Amazon prime and which account will be linked together. The moment you subscribe for twitch Prime, all the benefits are immediately given with one-month free channel subscription offer.

Q: How does twitch prime work?

The moment you switch on to twitch Prime from Amazon Prime, 30 days free subscription automatically Falls back to you. There are several financial benefits to that. The moment you choose to click subscribe, you can select free subscription and spend next 30 days enjoying the free service.

The moment you choose for free subscription from the Amazon Prime page, press F5 flash refresh option point choose the share button and you will have all the opportunity to enjoy free content for 30 days. Hit the banner that reads SharePoint

How to cancel twitch Prime?

  • Choose the country on the official website of twitch Prime
  • Check out the box that mentions- manage membership
  • Hit the option that says cancel membership


Q1: Is it possible to save twitch Prime subscription?

It’s not possible to use multiple twitch Prime subscription at a time. Once signed up, you can enjoy the services for 30 days and then Sign Up Once Again.

Q2: In how many places twitch Prime is available?

Available globally, twitch Prime is available in Luxembourg, France, Italy, Canada, US, United Kingdom, Singapore Australia, Spain, Belgium and Canada.

Q3: From where to access twitch Prime video?

Available globally, you can enjoy twitch Prime video through Amazon Prime membership.

Q4: Is it available in India?

No, it’s not

Q5: Do you need a payment option for choosing the free trial of Amazon twitch Prime?

Yes, you need a validated payment method for acquiring free trial. You can choose the bank account, credit or debit card have insufficient funds to make the payments in case you choose paid subscription in future. You will not be required to make any payments till the free trial pack lasts.

How to renew your free twitch subscription?

You need to subscribe the Amazon for which services every month because there is no auto-renewal option.

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