Best Indoor Plants for Your Office

Indoor Plants for Your Office

Coming to work before sunrise and going home at nightfall can give you a feeling of outdoor deprivation if you love the outdoors. Fortunately, you can decorate your workspace with plants that could give you a bit of outdoor sense.

Moreover, indoor office plants increase the humidity around your workspace, purify the air, and bring a lot of positive vibes. Below are some of the best indoor plants that you can install in your office.


Sansevieria or snake plant is known for its long life. Its average life span is five to ten years, but some have lived from around 25 years. So, it may continue to grow until you retire.

Sansevieria has several types, and the best types that suit the office environment are dwarf specimens like Whitney or Futura Superba. These plants are low maintenance, making it a wise choice for newbies.

English Ivy

English ivies are perfect for places with medium sunlight and can survive with average water indoors. Once it trails too long, you can use it to soften your desk’s hard lines or wrap it around a wire obelisk to create a living piece of art.


If your office desk is getting a lot of sunshine, then aloe is one of the best plants that you can get. Aloe is succulent and easy to maintain. It only needs watering at least once every two weeks.

Aloe goes along very well with any desk space. Plant it in a pot with a sandy cactus mix for maximum drainage it needs.

African violet

African violet is known to thrive in the same condition as humans do, making it a popular indoor plant. While it needs enough light to bloom, it will accept any sources of light. Put it under a fluorescent lamp, and it will still flourish. Miniature types of this plant can grow no more than six inches, so even the tightest spaces in your office can accommodate an indoor flowering plant.

ZZ plant

Zamioculcas zamiifolia is an African succulent that can tolerate low light and can thrive with little water. ZZ plants can live using only fluorescent bulbs as their light source. Its green laddered leaves can make good office decoration, but its latest cultivar, Raven, has black leaves that look great on the white surface.


Tillandsia is an air plant that will make you think out of the pot. This plant doesn’t need soil, so you can play around with it and put it in a teacup, shell, or other unusual containers. You can also create a miniature terrarium filled with a variety of air plants on some pebbles.

While air plants don’t need plenty of sunlight, those you place on a desk with plenty of sunlight may grow a flower spike. Moreover, it only needs misting once a week, making it one of the best indoor office plants for busy offices.

Aside from these plants, you can find more plants suitable for office space. Some of them require high maintenance, but it promises great aesthetics to your workspace. If you want one of those plants, you can always call an indoor plant hire services and set up the plants for you. The plant experts will take care of everything, from installing to regular maintenance of your indoor plants.

Willie Phillips
Willie Phillips

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