How To Find a Cool Usernames for Instagram

Your friends will search for you on Instagram, and your username must be easy to find. But don’t get obsessed with it! You don’t have to be perfect in everything, but this is important to try to think a lot about it and find a good username.

1. Your niche: first of all you should consider what is your niche, what do you want to do with this Instagram account?

Your name should be relevant to the content you post.

You should use your niche’s keyword in the first part of your name and not the middle or last part of it.

Think like the person who is searching for your niche:

What is the FIRST thing they will type in the search field on the Instagram app? The keyword.

If the keyword isn’t there, it’s going to get lost between the other search results.

2. General and unique: you should avoid similarities to any other pages or businesses that are already on Instagram. It should be something that anyone can remember. And it shouldn’t be like the other users. So search for the similar accounts first.

3. Easy to pronounce: your name should be easy to pronounce and to write. There shouldn’t be any confusing parts in your username, so it should be easy to find.

4. Use fewer Underlines and dots: use as them as less as you can, try not to put two or more periods/underscores right beside one another.because it makes it harder for people to search for you and find your name.

5. Not too long: it should not be too long. Shortness and clarity are key to a successful Instagram name – this is why you should take your time. Shorter names are easier to search for and may provide you with exclusivity.

If you are opening a Business account:

If you’re opening a digital shopping account, your Instagram username should be the same as your business name. The objective for your Instagram should be to promote your business and build brand awareness.

If you are opening a Personal Profile:

Your username should be a combination of who you are and what you like and what do you want people to know of you.

You can shorten your name like @maybrow or use your full name like other people.

What to Do When Your Screen Name Is Unavailable

1. Claim the Inactive Account if you have a Trademark

While you have the option to claim an inactive account, it’s an impossible process without a trademark. As defines, a trademark is “a symbol, word, or words legally registered or established by use as representing a company or product.”

The process will cost a few hundred dollars, and months to get approved. With your trademark, all you have to do is fill out Instagrams trademark infringement form, cite all the details on Instagram’s trademark policy and provide your trademark registration details.

With a trademark, it will not guarantee the username you asked for; it will just increase your chances. There are reports that through the process, Instagram was only able to provide a similar username.

2. Craft a new username

Don’t be lazy when choosing another username. It’s easy to add a period or a few numbers at the end of your username. But remember the fundamental’s of the perfect username outlined in this article. If you’re looking for perfection, it’ll take careful crafting, and a fair bit of ingenuity.

What are some tools and tips you used to create your username? Let us know down in the comments.

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