Ultimate Guide To Buying an Air Conditioner?

Nowadays air conditioner becomes an important home appliance. And if you are living in hot temperature area then you must have an Air Conditioner. But, it’s not easy to buy a perfect Air Conditioner(AC) without knowing about its technology. In this depth guide, I will share important tips to buy a perfect AC for your home, office etc. If you are looking for a recommendation then you have a look at the best ac in India guide. They have written a great guide and best ac list which you can buy.

Now let me tell you the things that you should know before buying a perfect an Air Conditioner.

Things To Know Before Buying an Air Conditioner

Types Of AC:

There are mostly two types of ACs you can see, Windows ACs and Split ACs.

Windows AC:


If you are looking for an AC for a small room, then Windows AC is the best fit for you.

Split AC:



In my opinion, split Ac is always best. But, if you need windows ac then you can go for it. But I would prefer split AC over Windows AC.


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